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Taste Maker

‘Mercy’ Taste Maker is a Super Seasoning ingredient for enhancing the taste of your Soups & Chinese dishes.

Serve Chilled with Ice Cream & or Dry Fruit Topping for better taste.
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Nutrition Facts Per 100 Gm. (Approx).
Energy (KCAL) 312
Protein (G)  78
Total Carbohydrate (G)  0
Sugar (G)  0
Starch (G)  0
Fat total (G)  0
Fiber (G)  0
Sodium (G)  12.3

‘Mercy’ Taste Maker enhances the taste of Chinese Soups, Fried Rice, Noodles, Gravies, Fries and also South & North Indian Dishes like sambar, Rassam, Curries,Tikka,Pasta, Kababs to name few…It is a taste enhancer and makes the foods tastier.

Dishes Approx for 5 servings
Soups/ Samber ½ tea spoon
Fried Rice/ Noodles 4/5 tea spoon
Pulao / Biryani 4/5 tea spoon
Curry / Veg. dishes 3/5 tea spoon
** 1 tea spoon = 4gm.