• Corn Flour

Corn Flour


Corn Flour

Mercy Corn Flour is useful as a thickening agent in stews or sauces.  A thickener cornflour is mixed with liquid to form a slurry before it is added to a hot liquid to give the true flavour of your food to stand out.

Serve Chilled with Ice Cream & Dry Fruit Topping for better taste.
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  • Maize Starch

Nutritional values

Nutrition Facts Per 100 Gm. (Approx).
Energy (KCAL) 383
Protein (G)  0.4
Carbohydrate 88
Fat (G) 0.1
Sugar (GM) 0

Direction of use

How to Thicken sauces with MERCY Cornflour:

Step 1
Cool the Sauce or liquid that you would like to Thicken. Then mix in nature's mercy cornflour a tablespoon at a Time to Thicken.
Step 2
Heat the sauce or liquid again, heat at medium temperature while mixing constantly.

What not to do when Cooking with Mercy Cornflour:

Step 1
Do not Stir Sauces Containing Cornflour too Vigorously this May Cause the mixture to break down and Thin out.
Step 2
Do not Cook Sauces or Liquids with Cornflour Stirring this May Cause the Cornflour to Create lumps.


Step 1
As a Thickening agent for sauces, gravies, Soups, Stews, Casseroles, Pie Fillings and Puddings.
Step 2
For making Cakes, Cookies, and Pastries more tender.
Step 3
As a Coating for Food before frying.
Step 4
As a wheat Flour substitute when mixed with other Gluten free Products/Ingredients

Storage Instruction