Cold Coffee Mix


  • Cold Coffee Mix

Cold Coffee Mix

“Mercy” Cold Coffee Mix is a blend of the finest coffee powder and the best coffee flavor and Milk solids homogenized together to delight the coffee lovers who love their coffee cold.

Serve Chilled with Ice Cream & Dry Fruit Topping for better taste.
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  • Ingredients
  • Nutritional values
  • Direction of use
  • Application
  • Storage Instruction


  • Sugar

  • Coffee Powder

  • Chicory Powder

  • Milk Solids

  • Malto dextrin

  • Iodised Salt

  • Stabilizer (E407)

  • Nature Identical Flavoring Substance Coffee Flavour.

Nutritional values

Nutrition Facts Per 100 Gm. (Approx).
Value for Per Small Class % Daily value
Protein (GM) 7.29 13%
Carbohydrates (GM) 32 11%
Fiber (GM) 0 0%
Fat (GM) 8.5 13%

Direction of use

Instant Cold Coffee Mix powder:

Step 1
Take 1 litre full cream cold milk and add MERCY COLD COFFEE MIX Powder blend the mixture with the Hand blender on in Mixture.
Step 2
Once done, keep it in the fridge(Not in Freezer) for 10 Minutes.
Step 3
Remove it from Fridge and serve it Chilled With / without ice cream and enjoy the perfect blend of MERCY COLD COFFEE.


“Mercy” Cold Coffee Mix is a delight for the Coffee lovers who love their Coffee Cold. It gives you a soothes and relaxes you after a hard work or scorching heat.
“Mercy” Cold Coffee Mix is also available for Institutions like Cafes, Hotels and catering services in economy pack of 500gm and 1kg.

Storage Instruction