Cold Coffee Mix


  • Cold Coffee Mix

Cold Coffee Mix

Mercy Cold Coffee mix is a delight for coffee lovers who love their coffee cold.

Serve Chilled with Ice Cream & Dry Fruit Topping for better taste.
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  • Ingredients
  • Nutritional values
  • Direction of use
  • Application
  • Storage Instruction


  • Coffee Powder

  • Chicory Powder

  • Milk Solids

  • Stabilizer

  • Natural Identical

  • Artificial Flavoring.

  • Substance (Coffee Flv.)

Nutritional values

Nutrition Facts Per 100 Gm. (Approx).
Value for Per Small Class % Daily value
Protein (GM) 7.29 13%
Carbohydrates (GM) 32 11%
Fiber (GM) 0 0%
Fat (GM) 8.8 13%

Direction of use

Instant Cold Coffee Mix powder:

Step 1
Take 1 litre full cream cold milk and add MERCY COLD COFFEE MIX Powder blend the mixture with the hand blender on in Mixture.
Step 2
Once done, keep it in the fridge(Not in Freezer) for 10 Minutes.
Step 3
Remove it from Fridge and serve it Chilled with / without ice cream and enjoy the perfect blend of MERCY COLD COFFEE.


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Storage Instruction